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Registration plates frames

Dear Customers!


We would like to introduce our new product – registration plates frames.

These are the advantagees of having a registration plate frame:
-         the plate within the frame looks great!
-         you needn't make holes in the plate itself
-         easy set-up
-         can be fixed on any car
-         it has extra springs and is firm enough to resist vibrations
-         you needn't make any extra holes in the car – the frame has enough holes to match any existing holes
-         wide variety of colors both frames and insert panels – black, white, silver matte, gold matte and gold
-         the insert panel beneath the registration plate can be printed with the company logo or phone number

Silver (serigraphy), index: 1-PTR1156 


Karbon (serigraphy), index: 1-PTR1171111  


 Red, index: 1-PTR0008383


 Dark red, index: 1-PTR0008484


 Blue, index: 1-PTR0008585


 Dark blue , index: 1-PTR0008686


 Green, index: 1-PTR0007676


 Dark green, index: 1-PTR0007979


 Pale green, index: 1-PTR0008787


 Dark pale green, index: 1-PTR0008888


 Light gold , index: 1-PTR0007575


Medium gold, index: 1-PTR0007777


 Old gold, index: 1-PTR0007878


 Graphite, index: 1-PTR0001414


 Violet, index: 1-PTR0008181


 Dark violet, index: 1-PTR0008282


 Silver , index: 1-PTR0001212


 Gold, index: 1-PTR0001313


 Black, index:1-PTR0008989