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Our offer:

- turning and milling
- EDM machining using x, y, z, digital control equipment.
- grinding of surfaces, shafts and holes
- hardening

We are in possession of the following machines:

EDM machine BP-97

EDM machine BP-93p

table dimensions = 500x400
axis travel (x, y, z) = 300,450,220
maximum dimensions = 400x800x150

table dimensions = 300x200
axis travel (x, y, z) = 230,190,100
maximum dimensions = 200x300x50


Milling machine X8132A

Miller FWA-32

table dimensions = 500X300
axis travel (x, y, z) = 300,280,280
maximum dimensions = 300X500X150

table dimensions = 320X1250
axis travel (x, y, z) = 700,200,400
maximum dimensions = 1200x300x300

Lathe TUG-40

Lathe 16605P

maximum dimensions = fi 400x1400

maximum dimensions = fi 250x500

Jig drilling machine T4163C

Surface grinder SPD-40

table dimensions = 630x1100
axis travel (x, y, z) = 1000,600,230
maximum dimensions = 400x800x200

table dimensions = 400x1000
axis travel (x, y, z) = 1200,500,300
maximum dimensions = 400x1000x300

Surface grinder SPA-25Ax63

Roll and whole grinder BU-16

table dimensions = 250x630
axis travel (x, y, z) = 700,290,280
maximum dimensions = 250x630x280

maximum dimensions = fi 140x320

Tool grinder NUA-25

Hardening furnace KS-800/37


maximum dimensions = 400x300x800

Hardening furnace KS-520/14

Metal band saw STG260G

maximum dimensions = 200x200x400

table dimensions = 300x2000
maximum dimensions = 250x250